7+ Comfy Decorating Ideas With Natural Elements

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As much as I really like a glamorous home, there is just another part of me which absolutely feels called to beach living. Whenever I’m around water, I feel like I am at church, then it is something which feels very religious to me. As I was gathering inspiration for the baby boy’s room, I came across this incredible children room from the publication, Surf Shack, Laid Back Living by the Water. It really spurred my link to decorating with natural elements.

Here is what I understand about decorating with natural elements such as wood in your home.

It is the chi (energy) of fresh beginnings and springtime
If You’re feeling stuck it is a Terrific Way to get you moving
If You’re a little lethargic it May Be the element you want more of in your lifetime
If you Reside in a basement apartment you Will Have to lift the chi with wood
Should you want more expansion and action in your lifetime, wood things will promote those feelings
It promotes vital and playful vitality into your daily life

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Gertrude Sartain