8+ Good Painted Ceilings Design Ideas

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The painted ceiling tendency is popping up around the place recently and while it is not necessarily the most practical usage of color, it makes a bold statement. What do you think about this interiors trend?! Are you a lover or are you currently wondering exactly how this one got started?!

I have spent a great deal of time in the south and constantly noticed the coastal fashion of blue painted porch ceilings. Come to find outthe paint has a certain title, Haint Blue, that is thought to ward off”evil haints.” I knowI understand. It seems a bit mad, but it is interesting to find the painted ceiling tendency extending beyond odd Southern heritage, and beyond straightforward beachy blue colors (although there is one of these one of this list also ).

Black ceilings are becoming more a thing — they could hide unsightly ceilings, create a space feel cozier, or simply draw focus to a particular place or see in the room. Then there is the colorful yellow and yellow colors which are only there to include interest. In any event, I think there is a time and place to get this. But I am really curious to learn your thoughts!

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Gertrude Sartain